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Sericite Germanium Soap Ingredients


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Being listed in the ICID (International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary) and without a trace of heavy metals, Gumcheon Sericite is an excellent and safe material for cosmetics. It is the best and safest Sericite that have passed the standards of both the US FDA and Japan MHLW (the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

  • Effective in body-waste purification and poison neutralization
  • Effective in absorbing and discharging heavy metals
  • Effective in deodorization



B. Vapor Extracted and High Purity, 100% Natural Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is quoted in the ancient Indian medical scripture Ayurveda (also know as the wisdom of life) as a useful ingredient for treatment of various diseases. Ayurveda describes that coconut oil not only treats diseases and strengthens the body, but also helps keep the hair healthy and treats scars, burns and ulcers.


Germanim Soap Ingredients

Effects of coconut oil to the skin, as revealed by the modern science
  1. Reducing various chronic inflammation
  2. Sterilizing Candida, athlete’s foot, scabs, mycosis, diaper rash, other yeast fungus
  3. Reducing symptoms of psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
  4. Improving dry skin, removing hard skins
  5. Protecting the skin against sun damages which cause wrinkles, drooping skin and liver spots
  6. Prevention and treatment of dandruff


■ Natural anti-fungal MCT (middle chain triglyceride) contained in coconut oil

  1. Rich in MCT that has the same chemical structure as the anti-bacteria substances contained in breast milk
  2. Containing the richest MCT among the natural oils hence excellent in skin protection
  3. The skin is most vulnerable right after washing or shower. MCT immediately substitutes the protective skin layer which is washed-off during the washing/shower.
  4. Promotes the cell metabolism removing poison from the cellular tissue.
  5. Powerful fighter against virus, bacteria and fungus
  6. Soothing acne, eczema, atopy with anti-inflammation function


■ What is MCT?

MCT is in breast milk that helps the newborn baby’s resistibility against diseases. MCT is contained with caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid, and lauric acid is the most effective antibiotic. Coconut oil is the most abundant natural source of lauric acid available.

Extracted from ‘Coconut Cures’ by Dr. Bruce Fife




C. 100% Organic Herb Extract Natural Moisturizer

Peanut Oil


It is rich in tocopherol, Vitamin E and selenium in particular. Vitamin E helps keep the skin glossy and beautiful by promoting blood generation and inhibiting lipo-peroxide production that leads to liver spots or aging. Rich in Vitamin B groups, lecithin, calcium and minerals, it promotes cell regeneration. It contains the FDA approved substances for atopy treatment

Germanim Soap Ingredients




D. Contains over 17 different traditional herbal medicines

Aloe Vera


Aloe is known to be effective in softening the skin and soothing the skin troubles. It is effective for burnt or insect bites, and also used for acne treatment.


Germanim Soap Ingredients

Grape Seed Oil


Rich in linoleic acid, vitamin and minerals, it softens the skin with astringent and moisturizing effects. With a very little oil substances, it is suitable for dry skin. Rich in vitamin E, it is suitable for sensitive and aging skins.

Germanim Soap Ingredients



It is effective for dermatitis, acne, blister, psoriasis, excessively sensitive or allergic skins, increases the skin elasticity and good for dry or itchy skins.


Germanim Soap Ingredients



Essential extracts from comfrey. With pure natural substances it is excellent in skin recovery from small scars or troubles. It promotes skin cell regeneration.


Germanim Soap Ingredients

Jojoba Oil (goat nut)


Its chemical structure is similar to that of human’s sebum fatty acid. It is an effective skin and hair moisturizer. Containing the myristic acid that fights against inflammation, it is effective for acne, eczema and psoriasis.


Germanim Soap Ingredients

Tea Tree Oil


Taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia it has fresh menthol based odor. It purifies dry skin and gives deodorizing effects. Effective for skin troubles like acne and spots, and for insect bites.

Germanim Soap Ingredients




E. More on our Oriental herbal extracts


Meplopsis Japonica Makino

softening, astringent

Germanim Soap Ingredients



Sweet Flag (Acorus gramineus)

hair washing, flexible

Germanim Soap Ingredients




Apricot Stone

treatment of dead skin cells, aging spots, acne


Germanim Soap Ingredients



Mugwort (dried leaf)

(Artemisia princeps var. orientalis)

astringent, moisturizing,

blood purification, whitening


Germanim Soap Ingredients



Dead Silkworm by 白殭菌

bio rhythm,

cell regeneration

Germanim Soap Ingredients




Rhdea Japonica Roth (Rohdea japonica)

for allergy

Germanim Soap Ingredients




Mint Leaves



cell regeneration

Germanim Soap Ingredients




Mung Bean (Phaseolus radiatus)



Germanim Soap Ingredients



Bletilla Srtiata Reichenbach fil (root of 紫蘭)




Germanim Soap Ingredients



naked celebrities
Dolichos Lablab L Stone(

bean protein, whitening,


Germanim Soap Ingredients



Adlay (薏苡仁)

for aging spots, freckles and whitening

Germanim Soap Ingredients



Sophora Flavescens AIT (苦蔘)

Preventing purulent inflammation, hair loss

Germanim Soap Ingredients



Gingko Nut (銀杏)

for blood circulation and cell regeneration,

preventing fine lines and aging



Germanim Soap Ingredients



Ulmus Macrocarpa Hance

moisturizing and cleansing


Germanim Soap Ingredients



Ligusticum Wallichii Franch (Angelica Polymorpha)

blood purification,

whitening, soothing

Germanim Soap Ingredients


Bamboo salt (竹鹽)

soothing acne

inflammation, antibiotic

Germanim Soap Ingredients