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Far Infrared Rays And Its Benefits

All About Far-Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Penetration

Far-infrared rays have wavelengths of 25nm or more are known as with a long wavelength. Infra-red rays have a longer wavelength than the red realm of a visible ray and are known as electronic wave with greater heat action. Infra-red rays with a  short wavelength are called close-infrared rays.

The far-infrared is invisible, well absorbed into materials and has strong actions of resonance and sympathetic vibrations regarding organic compound's molecules.

If the wavelength of a ray is short, reflection is good, and if a wavelength is long, the ray is well absorbed when it hits a substance. Therefore, the far-infrared ray has a strong penetration attribute, and if we get this, we feel warm.

For example, we do not feel warmth in 30℃water, but we feel warmth when we feel sunlight at the same temperature. The reason is that far-infrared rays included in sunlight penetrate deeply into a human's skin and makes heat.

This heat action helps remove bacteria, which become the cause of various diseases, expands capillariesand helps circulation of blood and generation of cell tissues.

When this heat contacts moisture and protein molecules composing a cell, it delicately vibrates the cell 2,000 times per minute (known as resonance), activates cell tissue, and is effective for prevention of various adult diseases such as prevention of aging, promotion of metabolism and chronic fatigue.

Far Infrared Penetration

In addition, the far-infrared rays have an effect on diaphoresis, pain relief, removal of heavy metals, sound sleep, deodorization, prevention of fungi propagation, moisture removal and air purification.

For this reason far-infrared rays are used in such various fields as housing, building material, utensils, textiles, clothing, bedding, medical equipment and fomentation rooms.


Medical Treatment with Far-Infrared Rays

(reproduced from http://www.bhplus.co.kr)

1.  Prevention of cancer

Cancer cells are weak at high heat, extravasated blood is conspicuous, and the hematocele amount of tumor tissue is small and difficult to emit heat.Also, enzymes that resist hydrogen cyanide are insufficient.

The radiation heat of infrared rays is effective, because it acts within the permitted temperature, not damaging surrounding normal cells.

The generation of enzymes by infrared rays is promoted, hematocele improves, and you can be liberated from the symptoms of extravasated blood.

2.  Lymph nodes

Because lymph tends to have acidity due to lowered hydrogen ion concentration, when a person is tired, it stimulates nerves and causes various stress accompanied by pain, sharp pain, and paralysis.

To combat this, the infrared rays with a wavelength of 7-30u arrive at the deep hypodermic layer by sympathetic vibration, absorption and deep penetration force.

Therefore, when temperature rises in the deep hypodermic layer, the expansion of capillaries, and promotion of blood circulation are promoted.

3. Gastritis, enlarged prostate and hemorrhoids

For celebrity nude
treatment of hemorrhoids, an examination is conducted for 30 minutes at the anus and pelvis by using doughnut-type cushion with an infrared therapy device.

4.  Menopausal disorder

When the ovary functions decrease, the production of estrogen diminishes and readjustment occurs in the equilibrium of hormones between the endocrine glands that control sexual function.

When the discharge of estrogen diminishes, abnormality is generated in the nerves and blood functioning in the hypothalamus; and thus, a hindrance of blood movement is caused.

The pituitary gland’s metabolism function changes and the amount of follicle-stimulating hormones in the blood or urine increases.

5.  Herpes zoster

Although disease-causing germs are congested as viruses, they have yet to be confirmed.

A disease-causing virus infiltrates the skin and nerves, and thus small water blisters are generated in a certain nerve's dominating area and are arranged in the form of a band. The most serious symptom is an eye disorder. In most cases, it will take 15 days to be cured, but some take a long time, even several months.

6.  Lumbago and Raynaud’s Syndrome