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Understanding Germanium

Why Germanium? 

 Alexis Carrel

Nobel Prize Winner Alexis Carrel: In his book 'Man in the Unknown', he says. "I have attempted to make clear the fact that things still unknown remain to be solved, but there are things that are entirely beyond the range of human knowledge. Organic Germanium is a substance directly bound up in some way with life, and this discovery has impelled me into the mysterious world within nature that is beyond the wisdom of man."
Germanium was first discovered in 1886 by the German chemist, Clemns A. Winkler. Winkler discovered Germanium in the mineral argyrodite.

However, Germanium rarely forms distinct minerals. The existence of Germanium was predicted in 1871 by the chemist Mendeleev. He predicted this new element would have properties very similar to silicon. His predictions ultimately proved to be very accurate. Clemens Winkler found that experimental observations agreed with Mendeleev's predictions and later named Germanium from the Latin word Germania meaning Germany.



In order to fully understand the beneficial effects of Germanium used in our all healthcare products, it is necessary to start reviewing past research done on Germanium as this lays the foundation of how Germanium function in general, organic or inorganic.

The pioneering work done in this area was mostly attributed to Dr. Kayuhiko Asai. He was born in the province of Manchuria in 1908 and died in 1982 in Japan. He grew up and attended technical institutes in Berlin and in Japan. His work has resulted in the founding of the Japan Asai Institute which holds the exclusive patents to making soluble Germanium for consumption.


Download Dr Asai's book on 'Miracle Cure - Organic Germanium'

In 1945 he established the Coal Research Institute. Near the end of 1945, right after World War II, Dr. Asai was working in his lab identifying Japanese coals with a microscope. Coal is formed from the remains of ancient vegetation carbonised in an air-tight state as a result of being completely immersed in sea water when swamplands subsided millions of years ago.

Dr. Asai learned that coal had Germanium by reading Russian literature on the subject. During his research, he became interested in why the wood section of coal contained larger quantities of Germanium. Upon further examination of various coals, he found the existence of medullary tubes, the vessels that plants use to bring nutrients from the soil. This led Dr. Asai to conclude that Germanium existed in coal in the first instance and did not enter the coal secondarily with other foreign substances but was possessed by the plant. His theory was criticised by many of his associates; however, after further research analysis showed that many plants in fact contained Germanium.

Some of the substances which contain Germanium are:

  • Shelf fungus : 800-2,000 ppm
  • Ginseng from Shemane prefecture Japan : 250 ppm
  • Ginseng from Shenano district Japan : 320 ppm
  • Water Chestnut : 239 ppm
  • Pearl Barley : 50 ppm
  • Comfrey  : 152 ppm
  • Garlic : 650 ppm
  • Korean Ginseng : 4,000 ppm

*ppm = parts per million

Germanium and plants which are rich in this compound are effective in helping various disorders of the body. In Biological Medicine or Naturapathic Medicine many substances are an important part of health restoration or the maintenance of health. Many times it has taken years before some of these substances receive much attention from established medical research.

So it is with Germanium which is now moving to the forefront of interest among health professionals and laymen alike. Let's look at what current research has brought forth concerning the benefits of Germanium.

Germanium helps supply Oxygen

Oxygen is quite essential for life. We know how disastrous it would be if there was an oxygen deficiency. The well known German scientist, Dr. Otto Warberg, has shown that the growth of cancer cells is basically due to a cellular oxygen deficiency. The cells in our body are aerobic (with oxygen). An inadequate supply of oxygen alters the structure of these cells.

Dr. Asai mentions that cells which are deficient in oxygen, in order to survive, begin what is called glycolysis, and turn anaerobic, meaning it is no longer using oxygen. There are many factors which can lead to a reduced amount of oxygen in the blood. In our society today, the amount of air pollution, food pollution, and the effects of stress can lead to a reduction of oxygen in the blood.

Cancer cells operate basically under the anaerobic state, without oxygen. So proper oxygen supply to cells of the body is sound preventive measure. Organic Germanium increased the oxygen supply in the body. One aspect of proper health is the removal of hydrogen which requires a large amount of oxygen. Dr. Asai says that oxygen combining with hydrogen is called dehydrogenating reaction, which is the mechanism by which Germanium eliminates harmful substances causing disease in the body. The Germanium compound with its strong dehydrogenating effects, takes the place of oxygen in combining with hydrogen to eliminate the hydrogen from the body.

These extracts from Dr Asai's book explain his Germanium research further

 "I am a scientist, however, and well aware of the dangers of non empirical thinking and soon set about to define the mechanism of the Germanium compound in scientific terms. By watching all the changes that took place with patients following the administration of the compound, I was able to conclude that its healing powers may be attributed to the fact that it brings about a sharp increase in the body's supply of oxygen: A patient will feel a certain warmth surging throughout his body within 10 minutes of so after taking the compound - some people actually feel as if they have been given a mixture that included alcohol. yawning soon ceases, blood becomes less viscous and complexions take on a healthy glow. Carbon monoxide poisoning is quickly cured, and people feel cheerful, sleep soundly and wake in good humor. They also show evidence of increased mental powers, along with numerous other overall positive effects which will be described in more detail in later sections.

Morbid tissues are generally characterized by oxygen deficiency. Accumulation of H- radicals tends to destroy cells and tissues which gradually accumulate to cause disorders which in turn deteriorate in a morbid condition generated for various reasons. If oxygen could be selectively and locally, fed to this lesion, oxygen would combine with the accumulated H+ radicals to restore the deteriorated tissues, thereby cutting the vicious circle of accumulation of deteriorated tissues and disorders, restoring the normal functions of the tissues.

The basis of the theory of the mechanism of the compound is that germanium takes the form of a sesquioxide.

Consider for a moment the basic fact of the life process whereby food is burned by the body to give energy, while carbon dioxide (C02) and hydrogen (H2) are created. CO2 is discharged from the lungs when we exhale, and H2 combines with oxygen to form water which is discharged in the urine and sweat. As mentioned previously, hydrogen naked celebrities
may be referred to as a positive ion,
which is as useless to the body as dust clogging the workings of a machine.

To insure that the body functions normally, hydrogen must be removed, but for complete removal a large quantity of oxygen is needed. The Germanium compound with its strong dehydrogenating effect takes the place of oxygen in combining with hydrogen to eliminate the latter from the body.

As part of another experiment, tests were conducted on the effect of the Germanium compound on the respiratory tissues of a group of mice using the Warburg method. Results obtained showed a remarkable decrease of oxygen consumption in the diaphragm and liver, clear indication that the compound acted as a substitute for oxygen in combining with hydrogen. By the dehydrogenating or oxidising action of the compound, not only hydrogen ions are removed from the blood, but abnormal proteins and other foreign matter are also removed. The oxidizing effect of the compound thus serves to purify the blood. 



Germanium 32 Atom

According to Dr Asai, he concluded that a similar effect also takes place in inorganic Germanium. Although Germanium is metallic-looking in appearance as a gravish-white element, it is not considered a metal but a metalloid. This means that in some ways it is like a metal but in some ways, it is more like a non-metal as it is not a good conductor of electricity as true metals are. In our discussions here, we take it as Germanium atom  is a semi conductor (Ge 32) with 32 electrons, four of which are constantly moving unsteadily along the outermost shell of the atom.

Above 32 C body temperature, Germanium becomes a conducting material with little energy.These four outer electrons are negative electrical charge carriers and if approached by a foreign substance like the human body skin, one will be ejected out of its orbit.

Germanium 32 Atom

When one of these electrons is ejected, a "positive charge hole" is created and the remaining three will seize electrons from other atoms
in order to maintain balance. 
We can demonstrate this effect with our Germanium balancing test.

 According to Dr Asai," By the dehydrogenating or oxidising action of the compound, not only hydrogen ions are removed from the blood, but abnormal proteins and other foreign matter are also removed. The oxidizing effect of the compound thus serves to purify the blood."

Thus negative ions will neutralise and reduce positive ions in the human body known as free harmful radicals coming from pollutants in our environment such as chemcials, smoke, chlorine, radiations, and heavy metals. The oxygen we depend on also has the chance to become harmful radicals, as much as up to 2 to 3 percent of the oxygen we haled. Because the electrons within these free radicals are less than the normal state, it is extremely unstable. As negative ions have more electrons, it is able to neutralise the free radicals which alter these harmful radicals into harmless state.